Reasons for buying quality dog food

Do you dare to look at what you are now

giving your dog to eat!

Have you taken the time to analyse what the average can of dog food contains, and asked yourself why you should give that to your dog?

I was noticing on the contents of one can of high end food I was using for Willow, that the contents included Beef 29%, Chicken 21%, Broth 37.5% (including rice 6%, carrots 2.5%, peas 2.5%.) There were also 7 additives. Why doesn’t this add up to 100%? But it does include Broth 37.5%. What is that? Obviously not beef or chicken I suspect. But it is an enormous proportion of the contents and should be explained. I am also advised by the petfood shop assistant that ‘chicken’ means the carcass only – processed, and in most cases without any chicken meat. The additives include a chemical, L-Carnitine, which apparently helps the dog to assimilate the food it eats. To me, all this explains everything about what I should not be feeding my dog!

Dogs Dinner Delight is a luxury product blending home cooking with sensitivity and hands on personal experience of sharing life with dogs. It is designed to be a luxury product and for discriminating dogs and their discriminating owners. The ingredients are carefully selected for their excellence in quality and taste and, as they say, “Your dog is worth it!”.

Unlike all of the ‘off the shelf’ dog food alternatives, Dogs Dinner Delight is prepared from only prime quality meat and finest vegetables. There is nothing used which is a) what humans do not have in their own diet b) any additives like chemicals, artificial flavourings, colourings, or supplements c) any carcases, bones, intestines, entrails or other waste animal remains d) any bulking substances, particularly grain products e) nothing processed so that it may look like food but isn’t. Dogs Dinner Delight is very different from the processed remnants in the normal dog food offering; it is proper food.

The cost is not an issue.

You may now be wondering about the cost. Because it is ‘Home Cooked’ and which is human food quality, it must cost more than cans off the shelf. Of course it does! This is expensive, but a properly balanced diet will inevitably save on vet bills, will keep your dog fit into old age and will significantly reduce how much your dog actually needs to eat.

The cost for Willow who is 29 Kg eating Dogs Dinner Delight is no more expensive because the quality means less is required. To feed Willow costs £4 per day. The average alternative ‘off the shelf’ product, for her, costs approximately the same per day. When comparing with other dog food, study the label and be satisfied in the quality of Dogs Dinner Delight. But please note that Dogs Dinner Delight which is wet food, is also delivered in containers to your door, either frozen or fridge cold. And the quality of food could not be better – even for you, the owner; you could eat it yourself. We include chicken thighs which fall apart after cooking, and Willow drools plentifully at the appetising smell.

According to the size or breed of your dog you might like to choose the size of container, so that it can be served from the fridge conveniently. We have 3 sizes – 250ml (165g), 500ml (330g) and 1 litre (660g).

Rely upon expert opinion

If your Dog could speak! It would ask you to obtain an expert opinion about the best food for him or her. So we have it here for you to explain to him or her.

The answer is from Dr Matthew Muir, an Australian Vet:-

“… a diet derived from fresh ingredients in their wholefood form – meat and vegetables – is best.” Dr Muir says. “Fresh meat should come first on the ingredients list. A wholefood diet can improve the wellbeing of many dogs. Avoid additives and preservatives, which are often there to extend shelf life of products and not what is best for dogs.”

Dr Anna Dengate, a vet specialising in gastroenterology says

“I am seeing an increase in the number of dogs with bowel problems, and a wholefood diet often aids their recovery and then keeps them well.”

“Your dog has the right to thrive on a balanced wholefood diet and live their best life.”

(source “The Guardian Labs” 9th May 2023. Phone me for a copy free 07774 889421)

Willow’s House Dogs Dinner Delight is the wholefood diet of choice – balanced, prime quality and fresh. We gently cook it at home and deliver it direct to your door – there are no ‘middlemen.’ Contains no additives or processed preservatives and substitutes. Just pure food.

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