Only delicious best prime ingredients. Wet in its own gravy.


Diced Chicken Breast and Thighs


Minced Beef



*Sweet potato, Carrots, Peas, Green Beans, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Maris Pipers


No artificial additives included in this dog food. Everything is wholefood and natural.

The contents are ‘fit for human consumption’ quality, comprising 40% chicken (only breast and thighs) 35% beef mince, 25% vegetables (Maris Piper and sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peas and carrots). Nothing else.

Analytical Contents (%) per UKAS APHA approved – Oil A 3.96, Crude Protein 15.7, Crude Fibre 0.4, Moisture 76.8, Ash 0.7, Total Oil(Oil B) 4.33.

Microbiology analysis for Salmonella (none detected) and Enterobacteriaceae in accordance with APBR 2013

No Additives

Because the Dogs Dinner Delight is a well balanced and a healthy mix of natural ingredients, no supplements are necessary unless the unique needs of your dog require it – they can be added separately. It is obvious that the shop bought dog foods emphasise extra additives possibly because the quality of their ingredients may be very low and those additives and supplements are advertised as valuable compensation. But we must ask “How can those supplements and additives be appropriate for every dog?” Surely, extras in the food are only appropriate for you and your dog if the diet is not providing what is needed. The choice for additives is yours, but we hope only if professionally prescribed for your unique pet. As with humans, a good balanced diet like the Dogs Dinner Delight will provide what
your dog’s body needs for health and wellbeing. Naturally, it is for all adult ages and breeds.

You could add a little mixer to each meal, which will create bulk for your dog and may include additives, particularly if the mixer is a complete dog food. Of course, we would approve of this, but please be careful to provide plain mixer if possible because all the normally required vitamins, protein and carbs are in the natural food.

Where is it made? – Much in Mind, 126 Grove Road, HP23 5PA


Under the guidance of Animal and Plant Health Agency, it is mandatory that the dog food product (Dogs Dinner Delight) is appropriately analysed under strict and independent UKAS approval, firstly to make sure that there is no Salmonella present, nor is the Enterobacteriaceae evident at an unacceptable level. Both these tests have been passed.

Also, it is necessary for an analytical repeated testing of samples required to ascertain the elements of the contents as laid out here and on the product packaging. As there are no supplements, additives and externally processed elements and chemicals, there is nothing significant to report. This detail you will find on the product packaging, and if you have queries about this, please email us. We will be delighted to help if possible. 100% Complete nourishing food for all adult Dogs.

How much food should you give your dog every day?

These are the standard guideline recommendations. We at Willow’s House believe that the standard recommendation is too much, and presumes that the ‘off the shelf’ food quality is so low, that your dog will need to eat more.

Dogs Weight
10 Kg
15 Kg
20 Kg
25 Kg
30 Kg
35 Kg
Standard Guideline
200g – 300g
300g – 400g
400g – 600g
500g – 750g
600g – 900g
700g – 1050g
800g – 1200g
Dogs Dinner Delight

On the above scale Willow should have 3 times as much as she actually eats. She would like more, of course. But she is extraordinarily fit and full of life and she is putting on weight, so it is all about quality and not volume. We have included above, a plain mixer, so if you believe that your dog requires extra bulk we agree. For this reason the above quantities are only general guidance.

We contrast the nutritional quality of Dogs Dinner Delight with ‘a Famous Name Dog Food’ where the label on the tin suggests that if you want to substitute complete dry food for this brand of dog food, in the tin, then 200g (half the tin) can be substituted by 50g of mixer. Clearly, the nutritional value of the half a tin of ‘a Famous Name Dog Food’ is only 25% of what could be found in mixer.

At Willow’s house we give much smaller quantities. Willow is needing daily each of 2 meals to consist of 120g of Dogs Dinner Delight and 60g of mixer. The daily total is 360g and she weighs 29 Kg. Like all dogs, she also has small treats from time to time, but otherwise we believe that the quality of this food is such that Willow has plenty. The high nutrition from a balanced wholefood diet means that bulk quantity of low quality is not required, and Willow is trim, very active and well covered – but she has put on 2 Kgs in the last 6 months!

Call us on 07774 889421 or email us on for a personal recommendation for your dog. Just let us know the size, breed and weight.

Share with us our evangelical fervour to re-educate dog-lovers everywhere to respect the quality of food which their dog needs for long life, health and wellbeing. Owners who feed their dogs rubbish, and bow to fraudulent ‘sales speak’ from manufacturers could review their attitude. But they can put it right now. Your vet may not want to hear this, because it means you don’t need to visit him as often!

Many thanks and Dog wishes from
Willow’s House Team.

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