Our views expressed about the dog food industry are not necessarily going to be the same as may be held by other people, although we hope that those who read this website will be encouraged to explore further for themselves. Our opinions are based on practical experience, anecdotal sharing amongst the dog walking fraternity and written reports and published comment from like minded people. The reason why the dog food supplement industry is enormous, could have a lot to do with the lack of nutritional value in dog food. We believe that a natural wholefood diet will provide all the goodness a normal dog requires. Dogs Dinner Delight is that natural wholefood menu. If any consumer believes it can be naturally improved, we are listening!

No comment made by us is meant to relate to any specific organisation, product or person and is not meant to be critical and derogatory except to highlight the underlying general concerns, relating to lack of nutrition, highly processed nature and chemical content in normally available dog food. We are not a veterinary qualified business nor professional nutritionists, but we are alarmed by, and offer these common sense opinions, on the basis that those who are qualified professionally in these areas do not seem to have the health and wellbeing of dogs at heart.

The construction of Dogs Dinner Delight is based on a general understanding of nutrition, using commonly available analytics to provide a balance and nutritional strength for the benefit of dogs generally. We stand by this broad principle of natural wholefood and cannot be responsible for any bad health which may occur in any dog. The food has been sample tested by an APHA approved laboratory and passed. If your dog is prescribed treatment and medication by a vet, or you wish to supplement your dog’s diet, we cannot suggest that this food is adequate to meet every imaginable condition so please ensure that the prescriptions of the vet are not interrupted by Dogs Dinner Delight if your dog is lucky enough to have it to eat. It is merely available as prime food best for dogs generally, and hopefully, so rich in nutrients, minerals and proteins that your dog will enjoy excellent health and longevity and you will prove to yourself that supplements and chemical additives are not necessary unless professionally prescribed.


Malcolm Baxter – Willows House

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